“Entre Mains” Pedro Pauwels Company series 2008 Pantin

Drawing & Painting of Contact Improvisation Dance 2007 – 2014

Contact Improvisation is a source of endless multiple composition of two or more human figures in movement. The observation and capturing of instants of this varied and often rapid dance form implies a economy of mark making and results in an obliged simplification and layering and so abstraction of the composition.
This evolving series of drawings often with water-colour ;ink or acrylic paint on paper are made from direct observation of the dancers.
The main source being Contact Improvisation ‘Jams’ , Underscore Sessions or Drawing of Dance sessions with contact dancers specifically dancing as artist models. Often also with the artist alternating between, periods of sitting and drawing and then periods of dancing – sometimes as model.
This reklation between model-dancer and artist-audience has had an influence on the dance itself slowing it down and encouraging pauses as the dancers become more concious of the compsitions they create and the presence and preferences of the artist eye on them. This manner of dancing contact Improvisationhas become known as Deep Contact. see site www.groupdeepcontact.com

Also included is some of the first drawings of this teme from rehearsals & performances of ‘Entre Mains’ by Pedro Pauwels contemporary dance company, in Pantin influenced by contact improvisation.

Size in genearal is either A2 (42 x 59cms ) or A3 (29.7 x 42 cms)

"Entre Mains" Pedro Pauwels Company series 2008 Pantinadmin